SWALL Annual Meeting

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Thanks to all who sent photos! I'm still having problems posting them so as soon as that is fixed, I'll upload them.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Saturday Morning

Getting ready to pack but also still fighting cold and allergies...not good! Sabrina and I have an 8 a.m. session on cybertheft. mmmm....cybertheft and breakfast...what a combination! Sabrina did a wonderful job and then it was onto her next presentation on blogs.

How was the One Book, One Conference session? Sounds like this was fun! If you went, please let me know!


It is so nice to be at a smaller conference. You get to meet and see more people than at the larger conferences like AALL or SLA. And where else do you get to meet and talk with the President of AALL?

Some great ideas for next year's conference in Austin were presented and all had a wonderful time. We had over 100 for this year's event and I hope we have this many and more at Austin in 2006.

We had librarians from each state plus 2 from Minnesota and about 6 students from UNT and University of Missouri-Columbia.

Applaud to the Local Arrangements Committe and Program Committee!!!

Time to fly home to Dallas.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday evening

I heard the reception and tour of the UA at Little Rock was wonderful! Posting photos later....having a difficult time with getting photos on this blog.

Dine arounds are very fun! We had a group go to Boscoes for a variety of food and samples.

Talking of RSS Feeds

I have been commuicating with West and Hein Online to see if they can provide RSS feeds to their new items but also to their publications. For example: from West, the electronic and print versions of their technology and law librarians newsletters.

More to come...

GumShoe Librarian

After picking up Sabrina and her husband at the airport, we made our way back to the hotel to go over the presentation.

Thanks for everyone's support! We had a blast with it! The presentation will be on http://www.llrx.com and the SWALL webpage.

Drugs (cold medicine!!!)

Thanks for all your support and drugs...they did help a bit and I was ready to present our Gumshoe presentation with Sabrina.

Overseeing CLE

I dropped by on this session for a little while and learned some worthy information. How different is maintaining CLE today than 10 years ago when the library staff had to keep it organized the manual way! Now there are databases and software to help ease this pain. See Catherine Whitney or Jill Porter for their handouts. Hopefully it will be on the SWALL website.

From their handout:
MCLE: A Coordinated Approach http://www.ali.aba.org/aliaba/MCLE_Explanatory.asp
Association for Continuing Legal Education http://www.aclea.org

David's Library Technology Session

David Whelan, from the Cincinnati Law Library Association, gave a great presentation on blogs, RSS feeds, RFIDs, wikis, open urls, etc.

I would love to see the legal publishers move toward more of open urls and also lots of RSS feeds for their free publications or their email updates. Can't say enough about bloglines and what I would do without RSS feeds! I remember when browsers became part of the Internet. It took me a few months to use one, because I felt that a part of the Internet was dying.

Need Bloggers!

See me today if you can blog the programs you are attending!

Here's the group I rode over with in the van to the opening dinner at the Clinton Library. Posted by Hello

Another view of the wild building! Posted by Hello

Clinton's Library Posted by Hello

Here's the crowd! Posted by Hello

Amy speaks the the crowd of librarians learning about legal research. This was the pre-conference program for public and academic librarians. It was standing room only! Posted by Hello