SWALL Annual Meeting

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Doc in the Box

I tried to find a quick doctor to see if I could get some medication for my allergies, but there are no such thing as "doc in a box" in Little Rock. I ended up at a pharmacist, which was good. Found some sudafed (sp). Hope that works. But to get the medicine, I had to sign my name and how many I bought. Seems like people are buying tons of the stuff to get the methane. I asked the pharmacist what would be a alnert to them about who was an addict when buying cold medicine. His only answer was "A lot."

Mr. Smith Goes to SWALL

What a way to start out the conference! Honorable Lavenski Smith from the US Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit was a great speaker. I loved his following comment:
"I was asked if I was a real judge.
I said yes.
So...what channel are you on?"

The judges look at about 3,ooo cases a year but only 3-4 actually go to trial...did I hear him correctly?

Great view from the hotel

Woke up with allergies or cold! Session does not begin until noon so I'm relaxing and ordering room service.

I have a great view of the river from my window. The trees are just starting to bloom and I can watch the barges go down the river.

From Buckets to Boxes to Bags

Whole Hog BBQ Sauce Posted by Hello

This is where we ate last night! A local BBQ Joint...Dina (Jones McClure) tried all the varities and loved number 6 (mustard, vinegar based) and number 2 (tomato). The title of this dinner came from one the UNT students. She grew up on fast food and she said her mother would bring home dinners from "buckets to boxes to bags." Excellent idea for a title of a short article!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

In Little Rock!

Got in about 6 last night and met many new librarians from Baylor, Minnesota, and other areas of Texas!

Wi-Fi Connection

Just got an email message from Dr. Chandler (Vice-President/President Elect of SWALL). She said the hotel does have wireless highspeed internet access and it is free! Hurray!

Another note: putting the finishing touches on the Gumshoe powerpoint. Sabrina and I are going to present our session from last year's AALL meeting with new information.

Can't wait to see everyone!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Gearing Up

It's that time--getting ready for SWALL's annual meeting. This year it is in Little Rock. The theme is Big Ideas Come From Little Rock. And I must say the sessions really "rock"! Topics include blogs, roles of the law librarian, technology future, e-filing, cybertheft, marketing, research, etc. And let's not forget the opening dinner is at the new Clinton Presidential Library, which is an odd building. So close-up shots will be needed. I will post photos later.

Another sad news: I heard the hotel and conference center does not have Wi-Fi nor does it have Internet connections. WHAT??? In today's world....come on Doubletree! So I'm going to have to find an alternative place to "hook in." Anyone in Little Rock have any suggestions?